Cosmic Girls Mei Qi Accidentally Grab Cheng Xiao’s Boobs

A very intimate moment between Cosmic Girls’ Mei Qi and Cheng Xiao was caught on camera during Watch WJSN Show. 

Cosmic Girls were divided into teams for rounds of games for the grand prize, a chance to eat delicious seafood!

The object of the game was to push over the opposing team member and win the prize!

While Mei Qui was trying to push Cheng Xiao over, her hands accidentally grabbed her boobs instead!

Cheng Xiao was embarrassed but immediately took advantage of Mei Qi’s flustered state.

Then it happened again as Mei Qi’s hands found Cheng Xiao’s breasts once more!

The double incident made everyone laugh and the game was called to a draw.

Fans completely adored how the two members got embarrassed at their intimate moment!

Check out the full segment below starting at 15:12.

Source: Dispatch