This Female Idol’s UWU Baby Pictures Will Prove Visual Stars Are Born, Not Made

She was born a beauty.

Cosmic Girls‘s Seola has been wowing her fans for a while now, since her debut with the group. Her looks, combined with her talent and personality, can’t be resisted for many K-Pop lovers around the world.


And her past pictures, from her baby days and school girl years, only prove that she was blessed with her beauty since birth! She was brought into the world as the cutest little baby girl…


… who grew up to become the most precious kindergartner in town…


… then turned into the prettiest elementary school student in Seoul City!


By her middle school years, Seola’s visual game was already outdoing everyone else’s. She was on her way to becoming the most gorgeous K-Pop idol ever!


Seola in high school peaked. As she progressed to train and work toward her goal of debuting in a girl group, Seola really became the whole package.


With her unrivaled beauty, she featured in several of Starship Entertainment artists’ music videos and special clips!


Once she debuted with Cosmic Girls (WJSN), Seola became that member – the member who has the face, the body, the moves, the charm…


… the member who has everything!


Fans now absolutely adore Seola for being an irreplaceable charm in Cosmic Girls. She continues to, and always will, surprise her fans with an endless supply of awesomeness!

Source: Nate Pann

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