Cosmic Girls’ Stylists Are Winning The Fashion Game, Here’s Proof

Every member looks fantastic.

Dressing a 12-member girl group can’t be easy, but Cosmic Girls‘ stylists have said, “challenge accepted”, and won!


Not only does the Starship Entertainment staff dress the members stylishly and comfortably, they also excel at giving each member a unique look while still maintaining a unified theme.


The stylists do this by switching up colour placements, clothing cuts, and accessories while working within a set palette.


This ensures that each Cosmic Girls’ member is easily identifiable to fans while on stage…


…even when the group is dressed in a uniform concept, like this one!


Even these all-white outfits experiment have their own unique twist. The mix-and-matched blazers to prevent the girls from looking identical.


Many Korean netizens approve of the stylists’ tastes, and have called Cosmic Girls’ outfits “cute and charming”.

  • Wow, they’re really working on their styling
  • All those outfits are amazing. The stylists definitely have skill.
  • The details are spot-on
  • I have to admit, I’ve watched their performances just to see their outfits lol. They’re beautiful.
  • They did a good job styling them like teen idols. Instead of just making the outfits fancy and chic, they actually made them look really cute and charming


Kudos to Cosmic Girls’ style team! Keep up the good work!

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)