Cosmic Girls try out outfits inspired by international school uniforms

The stylists for Cosmic Girls have gotten creative and drawn inspiration for their outfits from all around the world, and the girls pull them off effortlessly!

For the second episode of Private Life of WJSN on iMBC‘s Heyo! TV, Cosmic Girls sported a unique costume concept that impressed fans all over the world. For the promotions of their latest comeback single “I Wish”, the girls have been wearing uniform-like outfits to match the youthful vibe of their song. This time, during the filming of their show, they were styled to wear uniforms that were inspired by 5 different countries: Japan, United Kingdom, Russia, Thailand, and Korea. The 9 girls split up into groups of twos and threes to wear these creative costumes.

The girls pose in their international range of uniforms.
Seola, Bona, and Soobin wore a Japanese-inspired school uniform for their costume!

What Japanese uniforms look like:

Dawon and Eunseo sported Korean school uniforms.

What Korean uniforms look like:


Yeoreum and Dayoung dressed up in adorable Russian uniforms.

What Russian uniforms look like:


EXY and Xuan Yi donned Thai-style uniforms.

What Thai uniforms look like:


Cheng Xiao, Luda, and Yeonjung wear U.K inspired school uniforms!

What uniforms from the United Kingdom look like:

Were you impressed by Cosmic Girls’ ability to pull off these uniforms?