Chinese Couple Loses Their Son When He Was 2, Their Daughter Brings Him Back As Her Boyfriend Years Later

It’s like a scene from a drama!

An old Chinese couple lost their son when he was kidnapped by human traffickers. He was only 2 at the time.


The couple searched for years, but they could not find their son. Although they never gave up hope, they accepted that they may never see their son again. But they never forgot the distinct crescent-shaped birthmark the son had on his hand.


One day, they heard the cries of a baby coming from the street. Upon further investigation, they found an abandoned baby in a box.


Because she reminded her of their lost son, they decided to adopt the baby girl. They named her Yongjung, and raised her as if she was their own.


Years passed, and Yongjung was getting ready to get married. She wanted her parents to meet her boyfriend, so he came over to introduce himself.


But when the parents went to shake his hand, they were shocked to see a crescent-shaped birth mark!


They knew right away, this was their son that was taken from them so many years ago. The old couple thanked their long-lost son for being alive, and were happy to be reunited as a happy family!

Source: Lass