This couple’s natural transformation will blow your mind

This couple’s amazing weight loss story will be enough to inspire you.

On the Facebook page, Dieting is the Best Plastic Surgery, the couple Song Jin Yoo and Shin Ji Hoo shared a remarkable story of their workout that helped them shed pounds and build muscle.

Through daily exercise and dieting, the couple was able to completely transform their body within four months. By working out together, the couple laid out a workout routine consisting of 1.5 hours of weightlifting twice a week along with 3 hours of aerobics every day.

Meanwhile, both their diets were restricted to chicken breasts, eggs, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and a few other fruits and vegetables.

The male’s diet included 150g of chicken breast, 120g of sweet potatoes, 5 pieces of almonds, cherry tomatoes, cabbage and some onion, where he ate every three to four hours. Meanwhile, the female’s diet included from 3-4 egg whites, 50g of potatoes, and some vegetables and fruits five times a day.

After the four month long diet and workout routine, the male went from 83kg and a body fat percentage of 16% to 71kg and 5% body fat. The woman who initially weighed 71kg with 32% body fat, went down to 49kg and 18% body fat.

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