This Cover Group Looks So Similar To Stray Kids That No One Knows How To React

They get an A+ for attention to detail.

Fans found a dance cover of “Miroh” by Indonesian group History Maker. The dancers look so similar to Stray Kids with their hairstyles and clothing that STAYs don’t know how to react.

The clothing was so similar that one fan wanted to know how exactly they’d managed to do it.

Another fan highlighted how well the hairstyles had been replicated. They believed it’d been done so well that one specific dancer looked more like Bang Chan than he himself did.

Upon first glance, STAYs thought it was actually Stray Kids. It took them a while to realize it wasn’t, but they still couldn’t believe it because of how well they had replicated their look.

You can check out Stray Kids’s “Miroh” for yourself to see if you agree.

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