Crashed Spaceship In Gangnam Promotes Upcoming Movie “Space Sweepers”

Aliens have landed in Gangnam!

The upcoming space blockbuster Space Sweepers has been causing quite a stir as fans are excited about its huge budget and a star-studded cast including Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, and even Richard Armitage! To celebrate its release, Netflix unveiled a spaceship crash site near Gangnam station.

| @essenwald/Twitter

The area was taped off while men wearing protective suits and military gear stood guarding the “crash”. On closer inspection, the spaceship features the Netflix logo on the wing, and a light projection reads, “February 5, to be collected soon.” (As in, the Space Sweepers will soon take their spaceship back and premiere the movie.) Many crowds gathered to take photos and videos.

| @_no_out/Instagram
| theqoo 

The event just increases the excitement for Korea’s first space blockbuster film!