CRAVITY Reveal Fun Facts About Their Members That You May Not Know

Check out who they picked as the best cook!

On an episode of Seventeen‘s “Superlatives” series, CRAVITY revealed some fun facts about each other that you may not know!

They were asked questions about one another and were told to pick one member that best fits the description. The first question was “Who is the funniest?” and it sparked some debate among them!

The top three were Taeyoung, Allen and Wonjin, before they finally settled on Taeyoung.

“Taeyoung brings a lot of laughter,” said Allen. “He’s our atmosphere maker.”

As they moved on through the video, leader Serim was chosen for a bunch of categories! He was chosen as the member who takes the most selfies, the strongest member, the best martial artist, and also one of the best cooks!

“Serim always takes selfies!” said Taeyoung when they picked who took the most. “Like, 24/7! Always!”

For the biggest K-Pop fan, some of the members chose Jungmo, while the majority chose Allen!

“Jungmo is a really big K-Pop fan, because he really likes BTS,” explained Allen. “But I think most members chose me because I like K-Pop so much, I became K-Pop itself! I’m K-Pop!”

The loudest members were chosen unanimously: Wonjin and Woobin!

“Wonjin talks a lot, that’s why he’s really loud, but Woobin’s voice is really loud,” said Allen. “He’s good at vocalising.”

They all picked Woobin as the member with the most aegyo! Unfortunately, he didn’t do any even though they all pushed him to, but they didn’t mind: they all know he’s the cutest.

Most of the members picked Serim as the most fashionable member, but Seongmin insisted it’s him!

“Serim’s fashion is terrible!” joked Seongmin. He quickly tried to backtrack, saying “Ah, not terrible! Unique!” but the members knew what he meant.

Woobin, on top of being the cutest and loudest, is also the best cook!

“Woobin always cooks for us in our dorm,” said Taeyoung. “He really likes to cook.”

You can watch them debate these questions and more in the video below!

Source: YouTube