CRAVITY’s Seongmin Had The Cutest Reaction To Meeting NCT’s Jaehyun, His Longtime Role Model

He’s been a fan of Jaehyun since he debuted!

CRAVITY‘s Seongmin recently revealed his adorable reaction to meeting his role model, NCT‘s Jaehyun, and it’s so relatable!

Seongmin from CRAVITY. | @CRAVITY_twt

Seongmin has been a fan of Jaehyun for a long time! CRAVITY appeared on Idol Radio just a week after their debut in April 2020 and Seongmin said that his role model was Jaehyun!

And in May 2020, the group did an interview with EUPHORIA where Seongmin elaborated on why he looks up to Jaehyun so much!

EUPHORIA: Who inspires you professionally and personally?

Seongmin: It would be from my role model Jaehyun of NCT. His voice and tone are so attractive and cool. I also get inspiration from movies and dramas. It lets me feel emotions that I’ve never felt in real life, I try to remember those feelings and apply it to my moves and songs so they can have deeper expressions.

Jaehyun from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Recently, CRAVITY appeared on the show Back to the Idol, hosted by MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk. The group talked about their recent comeback as well as some stories about their seniors in the industry. Seongmin talked about Jaehyun and why he admires him!

My role model is NCT Jaehyun-sunbaenim. He has a very nice voice and he’s good at everything he does. I’m a fan of him!

— Seongmin

| @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

Seongmin brought up a time when CRAVITY appeared on Inkigayo while Jaehyun and Minhyuk were the MCs. He adorably stumbled over his words for a second before he revealed that when he saw Jaehyun, his “heart raced!”

Jaehyun (right, front row) and Seongmin (black hair, back row) on Inkigayo. | SBS 

And I know he was on Inkigayo as the MC with you. When I saw him that time…my heart— my heart raced.

— Seongmin

| Back to the Idol 

Minhyuk then asked Seongmin if he would like to try acting since Jaehyun is also an actor. Seongmin said that he would like to go into acting, though he said it in the cutest way.

Minhyuk: Jaehyun also does acting… Seongmin, do you want to try acting too?

Seongmin: Thank you, thank you, if you want to offer me!

| Back to the Idol

Seongmin’s admiration for Jaehyun is too precious! Fans of both groups are hoping to see the two idols interact more in the future. Check out a clip from the interview below!