CRAVITY’s Serim Made MONSTA X’s Joohoney Adorably Jealous Because Of I.M

Joohoney was feeling a little left out 🥺

When CRAVITY‘s Serim showed how close he’s become with MONSTA X‘s I.M, he had Joohoney feeling a little jealous.

I.M and Joohoney. | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

During CRAVITY’s appearance on Idol Radio, MC Joohoney had a question that was on his mind. He asked Serim, “Wait, let me say something. You talk to I.M, right?” Serim confirmed, “Yes.

Naturally, Joohoney felt a bit left out not being contacted by their juniors. He said, “But you don’t talk to me, though.” Serim had the funniest reaction as he tried to deny it and was saved by MC Hyungwon.

Pointing to their list of rules, Hyungwon reminded Joohoney, “Hey, follow this rule. You’re not supposed to be conservative!

Serim was then able to explain by saying, “I.M contacted me first, so…

Joohoney instantly understood and told all the members they were welcome to contact him. He even offered to special get-together with them all.

Ah, I didn’t call you? All of you, get my number. Let’s have a party together.

— Joohoney

Thanks to the funny moment between Serim and Joohoney, now all the CRAVITY members will be a little closer with their seniors.

Serim | @cravity_official/Instagram

Watch Joohoney and Serim give fans the cute interaction they didn’t know they needed.