CRAVITY’s Wonjin Hilariously Exposes How Differently Seongmin Treats Him Off Camera

Even Hyeongjun didn’t have a clue 😂

During a Weekly Idol segment, CRAVITY hilariously exposed the members who were particularly skilled at telling white lies and “fooling even a lie detector.Seongmin was one of them, with Wonjin revealing how differently he treats him off-camera as a funny example.

Wonjin and Seongmin. | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

Wonjin admitted, “When there is no camera, he pushes me away a lot.” Although Seongmin quickly denied it, the others had their different opinions.

While Hyeongjun was hearing it for the first time, the others weren’t as shocked. Woobin confirmed, “I’ve seen him do that,” and Minhee agreed, “They’re different when there’s no camera.

Wonjin remembered when the group was filming, and Seongmin unexpectedly hugged him in front of the director. Naturally, Wonjin was confused and asked why Seongmin became so affectionate.

One day, [Seongmin] called our directors who filmed the behind-the-scenes video. He called him and told him to come over. Then, [Seongmin] suddenly hugged me.

— Wonjin

They burst into laughter when Wonjin recalled Seongmin’s answer, “Then he turned and said, ‘Corporate. Don’t you see the camera?’

Even Seongmin laughed, especially after MC Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk imitated him.

Ultimately, they agreed that the youngest member could get away with anything because he was so cute. Though Seongmin and Wonjin might not be touchy-feely off camera, they’re definitely a hilarious duo.

Watch CRAVITY roast each other in the way that only a close family can.


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