CRAVITY’s Wonjin Left Jungmo And Fans Confused With A Silly Math Pun

“I’m a genius!”

During a recent live broadcast, CRAVITY‘s Wonjin told his fellow member Jungmo a math pun that left him–and all their fans–confused!

CRAVITY’s Wonjin (left) and Jungmo (right). | @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

Jungmo was just talking when Wonjin suddenly said, “10 + 10 and 11 + 11 are exactly the same thing,” in English, somewhere off camera.

Trying to understand what he meant, Jungmo did the math–then just looked confused.

“They’re exactly the same thing!” Wonjin insisted.

Jungmo was still confused: “Why?”

“What’s 10 + 10?” Wonjin continued. “20, right?”


“11 + 11 is 22…” Jungmo then said, baffled, to which Wonjin just laughed!

“It’s different!” Jungmo yelled.

Wonjin kept insisting that they were the same!

“11 + 11 is 22,” he repeated.

“And 10 + 10 is 20.” Jungmo said. “It’s different!!”

And then, finally, he explained it.

“11 + 11 is twenty, too!” (twenty two)

Finally, Jungmo understood!

“I’m a genius!” Wonjin proclaimed.

To summarize the pun: 10 + 10 is twenty, but 11 + 11 is twenty, too (twenty-two)!

Wonjin is known for his puns, constantly coming up with new ones to confuse his members–and fans!

The video of him telling Jungmo the pun has already collected nearly 137,000 views!

Source: Reddit