Former Idols Dish On Their Experiences With Getting Hit On By Male Idols

They shared it all in a drinking game video!

Former idols, Crayon Pop‘s Choa and Way recently played a drinking game on camera. While answering the questions posed by the opposite party, if the answer was yes, they had to take a drink. If not, they could move on.

Way started off spicy by asking her twin, Choa, if she had been hit on by any male idol during their time as idols.

The answer was of course, yes! Way even asked her if it was an idol, or a couple of idols! While Choa had been hit on by more than one idol, Way shared that sadly, she had not been approached by any idol. Choa continued to reveal that one of the idols she had turned down was still active as an idol now!

On the other hand, Way shared that she had been approached, and even dated an actor. Unfortunately, he is not very active these days. Lastly, Choa revealed that she had bumped into a few of the idols she had turned down. This was inevitable due to idol promotions during music shows or otherwise. What an awkward situation!

For more, check out the adorable sisters play the game below!