Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals Everything About The Botox Idols Get

She revealed the most unknown, yet effective Botox area!

Crayon Pop‘s Way has revealed everything about the types of Botox idols generally receive in a recent YouTube video.

She began by explaining that idols often get Botox in various locations including the calves, trapezius, jaws and more because it’s a pretty simple procedure and confessed that she has received the injection on her arms thanks to the Ethos Spa Botox service.

It’s a little uneven. So I received three injections on my arms here. But treatments like these must be done regularly.

ㅡ Way


She claims that the results were not extremely effective after just one round of shots but added that her friend whose case was a little more severe than hers and who received the Botox regularly saw much greater effects.


Then, she shared one of the most effective areas for Botox that many people don’t know about. It was none other than the nose!


She explained that it doesn’t look pretty when the nostrils flare, especially when idols are out of breath after a performance or during acting. At these times, they get Botox on the sides of their nose, which fixes the nostrils in place so that they don’t flare!


But she made it clear that this Botox was extremely painful and that tears involuntarily flow when receiving this injection.


Check out the full video for more details!

Source: Youtube