Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals The Secret To Idols’ Perfect Teeth

She revealed all the treatments and shared her opinions about them.

Crayon Pop‘s Way recently revealed the secret to idols’ perfect teeth through a video on her YouTube channel.

She began by confessing that she has done numerous teeth treatments including whitening, braces, dental veneers and even laser treatment for shaping the gums. Therefore, she had much knowledge to share with her viewers.


Way claims that teeth whitening is almost an essential treatment that almost all idols receive. She also stated that she highly recommends this treatment as it brightens up a person’s impression and is highly cost and time-efficient.


According to Way, teeth whitening costs around 200,000-300,000 KRW ($170-$255 USD) in Korea.


In terms of braces, she shared that she was required to pull out 4 teeth and, as a result, she lost a lot of cheek volume when she had braces and formed a slight nasolabial fold as well. In the end, however, she was completely satisfied with the results.


Her braces in Korea cost 500,000 KRW ($425 USD) per month for 10 months with a total of around 6,000,000 KRW ($5,100 USD) including retainers.


When it comes to dental veneers, Way claims over 90% of celebrities get them done, especially in small areas such as the front teeth. Way explained that she didn’t think too deeply about it since all the celebrities do it, but emphasized that it was a pretty big deal.


She strongly (x3) recommended her viewers not to get dental veneers. This was because getting dental veneers was actually a very serious process. Drilling the teeth so that the crown fits them, Way explained, was shocking because of how little of her teeth were left.

Sayuri’s selfie with a fallen dental veneer


She also explained that she asked for teeth like Song Hye Kyo‘s but when they fit the veneers on her, they made her look like a donkey. She emphasized that no matter how beautiful teeth looked, the important thing was if they suited you or not.


She added that veneers are not permanent and are known to last about 10 years. She confessed that her veneers have fallen off before and she was forced to rush to the dentist’s office. This was apparently common among celebrities, even during broadcast filming.


In the end, Way recommended all the teeth treatments she received except for dental veneers! Check out Way’s full video below!

Source: Youtube