Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals How Idols Feel About Their Groups’ Visual Members

Are they jealous?

Would you struggle with your self-esteem if one of your friends was deemed officially prettier or handsomer than you? For many idols, the official “visual” position in K-Pop groups makes this a daily reality. But do non-visual groupmates get upset or jealous over the position? Way of Crayon Pop explained her perspective in a recent WayLand YouTube video.

The “visual” position is one of many ways K-Pop is different to the international entertainment industry. Typically, the visual in any group is the member who best fits the typical Korean beauty standards, such as a V-shaped jaw and high nose bridge. In many groups, the visual also becomes the center or face of the group—Red Velvet‘s Irene and EXO‘s Kai are just two examples.

Of course, fans have always wondered where that leaves the other members. Do they feel jealous of the visuals, or do they consider beauty to be a talent just like any other position? According to Crayon Pop’s Way, it all depends on the atmosphere at each group’s company.

Way explains that being attractive is considered an essential requirement for idols, especially in recent generations. So, naturally, visuals come to the attention of both the company and the group members. But, visuals have to have performing talent just like any other idol—be that singing, dancing, rapping, or a mixture of all three.

If that person doesn’t have any other talent, obviously you can’t even get to the debuting point.

— Way

Since visuals have their own skills that deserve the spotlight just as much as anyone else, it’s likely that many non-visual group members accept the position for what it is. On top of that, visuals undergo an immense level of scrutiny from the public. As such, the visual position may not seem all that enviable to non-visual groupmates after all.

[The visual] will also receive the evaluations from the public as well. People are cold-hearted and to the point.

— Way

Ultimately, the second-generation star says that uniqueness and personality are the key points of importance in today’s K-Pop world. She also noted that there are numerous idols “who are good looking and also talented“. Official visual or not, everyone has their own beauty to be proud of.

Source: 웨이랜드 WayLand (YouTube)