Crayon Pop’s Ellin Debuts as a BJ, Spills On Crayon Pop Disbandment Rumors and More

She addressed rumours about Crayon Pop disbanding, since the last song they released was “Doo Doom Chit” in 2016. 

Ellin of Crayon Pop recently made her debut as a BJ, or broadcasting jockey, on Afreeca TV.

“I’ve wanted to [stream] for a while, but I wasn’t able to because of promotions or my agency.” — Ellin


Ellin prepared a wide variety of content like singing and dancing to Crayon Pop songs and chatting with the viewers.

Since it was her first stream, she was still a little bit clumsy and said she would continue to learn as she goes.


She also addressed rumours about Crayon Pop disbanding since the last song they released was “Doo Doom Chit” in 2016.

“There are a lot of people curious as to whether we broke up. We didn’t disband, we’re just doing our own activities”.


The Crayon Pop member also spoke her mind about Soyul’s marriage to Moon Hee Jun.

“After all, she is the maknae. Since she got married first, I do feel envious and amazed as well.”


Ellin shared that she’s spent her time travelling and even acquired a barista licence!

Here’s hoping for more great content from Ellin and Crayon Pop.

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