Crayon Pop’s Way Confesses Which Member Of BTS Made The Biggest Impression On Her

He does have a natural charisma.

During a chat with DKDKTV‘s David, Crayon Pop‘s Way shared what BTS is like behind the scenes and how she thinks their dedication played a big role in making them the superstars they are today.

In the same interview, David asked Way which member made the biggest impression on her and she shyly admitted that it was RM!

Source: DKDKTV/YouTube

Way shared that the reason RM made such an impression on her was due to the strength of his voice. Even now, she can clearly remember him saying, “Boku wa RM desu ne.”

Source: DKDKTV/YouTube

We can’t deny that RM has an incredible presence and a voice that naturally makes your ears perk up and want to listen!

Watch Way talk about RM’s voice below: