Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals The Process Of How Idol Albums Are Made

It’s one long process!

Crayon Pop‘s Way recently revealed the process of how an idol’s album is made in a recent YouTube video.

She starts out by explaining how the concept of the group is decided upon first. The song is then usually selected based on the concept, but if the song is good and catchy, they would then switch the concept around to match the song instead.

Once all the songs for the album are selected, arrangements to the songs are made accordingly during the recording and mixing process. Song parts are either delegated or chosen by the members or company, depending on the nature of the track.

Once the album songs have been recorded, the idol’s agency then gets in touch with distributor companies, and they negotiate the release of the album on music streaming sites. Following negotiations, the idols then get to learning choreography, shooting the MV, and also shooting album jackets for the comeback.


Check out the full video for more details!