BLACKPINK And Chungha Have A Surprising Stan In This Fellow K-Pop Idol

They even said they want BLACKPINK to cover their song, costumes and all.

BLACKPINK and Chungha are both wildly talented and insanely popular, so it’s no surprise that even other K-Pop idols stan them!

Crayon Pop‘s Way recently participated in an AMA on Reddit where she was asked about her favorite artists, as well as which artist she’d like to see cover one of her group’s songs.

Reddit user LongLive-Kpop asked, “What songs have you been listening to recently and who your favorite artist is?”

Source: LongLive-Kpop & crayonpopway/Reddit

Way answered that she likes BLACKPINK and Chungha, as they are “very professional.”

giga90 asked, “Is there any Korean artists that you’re really into these days?

To which Way once again said that she likes BLACKPINK and Chungha, although she admitted to being worried about their health.

Source: giga90 & crayonpopway/Reddit

And, Anniezxc asked which junior group she’d like to see do a cover of one of their iconic songs. Unsurprisingly, Way said that she would like to see BLACKPINK do a cover of “Bar Bar Bar”.

Source: Anniezxc & crayonpopway & Shichi-Senpai/Reddit

Although Way’s answer wasn’t entirely surprising considering how much she obviously loves BLACKPINK, it’s certainly interesting to imagine them covering the popular Crayon Pop song! Reddit user Shichi-Senpai expressed their surprise with the choice saying, “BLACKPINK covering BarBarBar… The cover I didn’t know I needed.

Source: [Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) – M/V (안무버젼)/YouTube
What do you think about BLACKPINK doing a cover of “Bar Bar Bar”, costumes and all?