Creative Fan Allegedly Gets NCT 127’s Johnny And Mark Featured On The News In America

That’s one way to get people to stan NCT.

Tumblr page kpop-struggles posted a Twitter thread (unfortunately, the original poster’s information was cut, so we can’t credit them) to their page that is so delightfully extra that you won’t be able to help but feel proud of NCTzens and their creativity.

The diehard NCTzen allegedly emailed their local news station masquerading as “Carie Lin”, mother of Mark and Johnny.

Source: kpop-struggles/Tumblr

The email reads:

Hello WSBTC, my name is Carie Lin and I wanted to email you and share a photo of my two sons staying happy in quarantine. If you are going to do a segment on how Atlanta is staying upbeat in this pandemic, do you mind featuring my two sons? Their names are Johnny and Mark. Johnny is on the right and Mark is on the left in the pictures. Johnny has come home from college due to CoronaVirus and Mark is doing online High School. I am sending you some pictures of them in a tent they set up in our living room!

— Email from “Carie Lin”

Source: kpop-struggles/Tumblr

The original poster waited for a reply of some sort…

Source: kpop-struggles/Tumblr

… And allegedly, the picture they emailed was featured on the news:

Source: kpop-struggles/Tumblr

Granted, we don’t know if this post is real considering the OP indicated they were from Atlanta, while the video clip is from Fox San Diego. Regardless, this was a wild ride and free entertainment is always appreciated.

See the whole post below: