“I Cried A Lot” — 12-Year-Old Korean Singer Struggles With Anxiety After Malicious Comments

“I didn’t know what I had done wrong.”

In a heartbreaking revelation on the popular television show, Doctor Oh’s Counseling Center, 12-year-old trot prodigy, Hwang Seung Ah, has shed light on the torment she has endured since she was just 9 years old. The youngster has been dealing with a deluge of malicious comments and trolling on the internet, leading to a battle with heightened anxiety.

Hwang Seung Ah | @celeb_seunga/Instagram


Seung Ah, an accomplished singer at such a tender age, has been in the spotlight for her exceptional talent in trot, one of the most popular music genres in South Korea. However, the fame and attention that comes with being a child prodigy haven’t been all rosy for the young artist.

Hwang Seung Ah | @celeb_seunga/Instagram

On the show, Seung Ah opened up about her struggle with online bullying, revealing that she had received hate comments ever since she was 9 years old. The child prodigy also shared why she thinks she became a target of trolling, “I cried a lot on broadcasts, and people said bad things about me because of that. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. Can’t I cry if I want to?” Her words were laden with genuine confusion and heartbreak as she discussed the harsh realities of public life.

After that, I didn’t cry in front of people anymore.

— Hwang Seung Ah

Hwang Seung Ah | @celeb_seunga/Instagram


Seung Ah’s battle with hate comments has not only taken a toll on her mental health but has also left a significant impact on her everyday life. Her mother shared that she’s now afraid of getting on elevators and stepping outside on rainy days, signs of increased anxiety and fear due to the relentless bullying.

I hated it the most when people insulted my parents.

— Hwang Seung Ah

Hwang Seung Ah with Doctor Oh | @celeb_seunga/Instagram


Expert on the show, Doctor Oh, elucidated the psychological aftermath of such experiences. Echoing a key sentiment, she articulated, “People feel tremendous anxiety and fear about things they can’t control. The same goes for malicious comments.

Her point underscored the similarity between the uncontrollable nature of hate comments and situations that spike anxiety. Thus, having been subject to malicious comments can make one’s response to anxiety-provoking circumstances even more intense.

Doctor Oh advising Hwang Seung Ah’s mother. | Channel A

Despite the adversity, Seung Ah remains resilient and mature beyond her years. She is trying to rise above the hate by ignoring the bullies. “I think those who leave malicious comments are insignificant.” Showing immense strength and poise, she reflected on how these individuals might benefit more from concentrating on their own activities rather than wasting time finding her videos to leave hurtful remarks. Seung Ah shared that, over time, she has come to view such actions as rather “lame.”

Seung Ah speaking on the show. | Channel A

Seung Ah’s experience serves as a harsh reminder of the dark side of fame, especially for young talents who are just beginning to explore their passions. It brings to light the need for tighter regulations against online bullying and the necessity for empathy and understanding — even more so when the “targets” of these attacks are children.

Source: Herald Pop