Criminal Who Scammed Wanna One Fans Out of $40,000 Finally Receives Sentence

Justice was finally served.

In September 2017, a devious young woman in her 20s sent out a tweet saying that she was selling tickets to an upcoming Wanna One concert. Through this single tweet she was able to scam 45 people and obtained about $40,000 USD.

Two individuals were reported to have lost about $1500 each!


Eventually the law caught up with her. After a thorough investigation, she was charged and then sentenced to 2 years of probation, as well as, 120 hours of community service for her fraudulent activity.

“Her crimes have produced victims through repetitive crimes for months.” — Lee Dong Kee, Incheon District Court Judge


Although you may not agree with her sentence, it was carefully calculated after she expressed her regret for her actions and her mother paid back all of the money.

“We have taken into consideration the fact that she has reflected on her crime. Additionally, we have considered the fact that her mother has paid all of the damages due to the crime.” — Lee Dong Kee, Incheon District Court Judge


Although most people have not responded well to the news that the mother paid for her child’s crime, they are happy that this is finally over.

  • “Even if the mom paid it, I’m glad everyone got their money back.”

  • “Hearing this kind of news it makes you want to stop buying tickets. Thank goodness she was caught!”

  • “Is she really repentant and reflecting on her crime? I’m not totally convinced but at least all of the money was given back to the victims.”


Wannables can now rest easy knowing that justice has been served.

Source: Instiz

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