Critics claim Laysha’s latest choreography is over the top

Female dance group Laysha under JS Entertainment are known for their sexy dance performances, and this time they’ve returned with new choreo that’s making fans go wild, and others raise their eyebrows.

JS Entertainment has become known for their performance girl groups such as Bambino and Laysha, and they’re know to really up the heat with these groups showcases, dressing them in skimpy outfits and performing rather suggestive choreography, however, several of their videos have gone viral and they’ve achieved to build a rapid following of fans who are into the over-sexualized style of k-pop dancing/performing. While it’s evident from their following that some love it, there are also those who believe it’s too sexualized and lacks artistic value and integrity. Here’s a clip from one of Laysha’s most recent shows that’s currently trending.

Laysha Hyeri