Crush Reveals Details About His Friendship With Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min is a successful fan.

Crush is one of the most popular solo artists in Korea and it seems that he’s even popular amongst celebrities.

On an episode of Happy Together, Crush revealed that he’s good friends with Son Heung Min.

Son Heung Min got to know Crush from going to one of his concerts. Crush was doing a tour in Europe, and Song Heung Min came to one of his shows.

They hang out regularly, and Crush even plays soccer with Son Heung Min.

Even after playing some soccer together, they still show their love for soccer by playing soccer video games together. Son Heung Min proves that he’s truly a professional by demonstrating that he’s also great at soccer video games.

Song Heung Min also seems to love himself, as he always selects himself in soccer video games.

Despite their close friendship, Crush doesn’t like talking about Son Heung Min too much.

Here is the full video below!