Crush Couldn’t Help but Laugh at Tablo’s Singing Ability

“I can write songs but I can’t sing.”

EPIK HIGH recently released their new song, “LOVEDRUNK” featuring Crush, and as a celebration of the song killing all music charts in Korea, Tablo shared a behind the scenes footage of him and Crush on his official Twitter account.

The caption reads: “I’m sharing this as a thank you for our song killing all the charts. Bts: When Crush heard Tablo’s vocal guide…” and the hashtags he added include “the difference between Crush and trash” and “I can write songs but I can’t sing“.

In the shared footage, Crush is seen listening to a vocal guide of “LOVEDRUNK” that Tablo provided for him to follow, and despite his efforts, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

The reason for his laughter must have been Tablo’s singing ability because the camera quickly shifted to Tablo smiling as if he was embarrassed to hear it himself.

Check out the full behind the scenes footage below:

Source: Dispatch