Crush’s Texting Habits Would Make Anyone Frustrated AF

We all have a friend that sucks at texting back.

Rapper BewhY revealed that Crush is one of the worst people to have a phone conversation with. 

BewhY talks about just how unresponsive Crush is and how it’s like he’s talking to himself. Crush is so unresponsive to his phone that it makes him wonder what he’s doing that it takes so long to respond and why he even has a phone in the first place.

This isn’t the only frustrating aspect of Crush’s text behavior. Whenever he does respond, he doesn’t respond to the previous text that was sent to them, that would be too easy. Crush just texts something that wasn’t relevant to what was asked and just responds with what he wants.

BewhY even shows the text messages and it looks like he’s conversing with himself.

Crush says what any bad texter would say, which is that it’s not true. I think everyone knows a bad texter that always gives an excuse for why they aren’t able to respond, but in Crush’s case, he didn’t even try to defend himself that much.

Who knows, maybe Crush just doesn’t like texting and prefers phone calls. At least he actually responded to BewhY is someway.

Do you guys have a friend that’s like this, or are your texting habits like this?