Everyone Is Begging Cube Entertainment To Debut A New Boy Group After Seeing This Handsome Trainee

Everyone is feeling attacked by his jaw-dropping visuals:

Cube Entertainment hasn’t debuted a boy group since 2016 when PENTAGON was introduced to the world, and now more than ever, fans are desperately hoping they will debut one soon after seeing their handsome trainee.


On March 25, Cube Entertainment’s Cube Tree Twitter and Instagram account posted a picture of a previously unrevealed trainee.


Although all netizens were given was a single photo, they quickly began piecing together more information about him through the tag that was used. Since his photo was tagged with #연습생갠G or “trainee KenG” along with a mountain emoji, netizens began to speculate that KenG is really Kwon San. Kwon San was shown on a list of successful audition participants and “san” translates to mountain.


Netizens have also dug deep and found out more about the mysterious Kwon San. He’s believed to be a ’99 liner who is 188 cm (6′ 2″) tall with heavenly vocals.


But even if the trainee revealed in the photo isn’t Kwon San, netizens are completely ready to stan him.

Fans have also expressed their hopes that KenG can debut right alongside Lai Kuanlin and previously revealed trainee Yoo Seonho. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see this extremely handsome individuals debuting together soon!