All Of Cube Entertainment’s Artists Have This One Thing In Common

These idols are just too talented for their own good.

For CUBE Entertainment artists like BTOB, HyunA, and (G)I-DLE, singing and dancing are just the basics; all CUBE Entertainment idols also play an important role behind the scenes.


In the past, many K-Pop artists were not given the freedom to produce their own music until they (or their group) had established a pattern of success and a dedicated fanbase. That is changing, if Pentagon is any proof.


CUBE Entertainment involved Pentagon’s members in the production process right from the beginning. For Pentagon’s first extended play, Pentagon (EP), the members wrote half of its seven songs.


Seo Jaewoo wrote the music for “Wake Up”.


Jo Sung-ho co-composed “Pentagon” with producer Big Sancho.


E’Dawn and Jung Wooseok composed “Organic Song”.


Hui wrote the music for “You Are”.


Pentagon is now more involved in their albums’ production than ever. Their latest album, Positive, was primarily written, composed, and arranged by Pentagon. “Shine” is the only Positive song that Pentagon did not arrange themselves.


Hui’s song “Never”, which he wrote for Mnet’s Produce 101, Season 2, won first place in various charts as soon as it was released. Ever since then, his composition skills have been receiving a lot of attention.


Pentagon isn’t the only CUBE Entertainment boy group with skilled songwriters though. BTOB’s members have also written music and lyrics for all of their own studio albums.


Jung Il-hoon alone has been credited with writing more than 50 songs over the course of his career.


For Complete, Lee Minhyuk and Jung Il-hoon co-wrote lyrics for “It’s Okay”, “One Man Show”, “My Friend’s Girlfriend”, “Open”, and “Insane”.


Im Hyunsik wrote both the music and lyrics for “I Miss You”.


CUBE Entertainment has its fair share of female composers as well. CLC‘s Yeeun wrote lyrics and raps for many of the group’s songs.


Her credits include, “What Planet Are You From?”, “Day By Day”, “It’s Too Late”, “I Like It”, “Hold My Hand”, “Black Dress”, and “To the Sky”.


Soyeon, the leader of CUBE Entertainment’s rookie girl group (G)I-DLE, took part in nearly every track on their debut album I Am. 


She wrote the lyrics for I Am‘s lead single, “Latata”, and co-wrote the lyrics for “$$$”, “Don’t Text Me”, and “What’s in Your House?”.


CUBE Entertainment’s solo artists are just as involved in the songwriting process as their groups are. HyunA cultivated her singer-songwriter skills while in 4MINUTE and has continued to write the lyrics for most of her own songs.


This includes “Party (Follow Me)”, “Babe”, “Purple”, “Dart”, and “Self-Portrait” from her latest album, Following.


Fans can’t wait to see what hits these multi-talented CUBE Entertainment artists do next!