American Rapper, CupcakKe Angers Chungha Fans with an Insulting Post Regarding Her Dancing Ability

She took down her post following the backlash.

American rapper, CupcakKe recently shared a post regarding a video on Twitter of Chungha dancing along with the caption, “THEY CAN NOT DANCE FOR S***! These the dances I do when I got to pee.

She continued with another remark that read, “Who? Chungha? Did I just chew on gum or step on it?

Following this post, many K-Pop fans and Chungha fans expressed their rage and demanded that she apologize.

And soon after the controversy, CupcakKe deleted her post with no other statement.

Despite that fact, netizens have continuously been sharing copies of the post and discussing this issue.

According to reports, this wasn’t the first time CupcakKe made insulting remarks toward other artists, such as Jay Park and Camilla Cabello.

Regardless, fans are continuing to express their discontent and sharing posts to prove that Chungha is indeed a great dancer.

Source: Dispatch