Cute And Chaotic: This Is What Happens When You Let EXO’s Maknae Line Play in Water

My serotonin dose of the day is full~

Whether it was Season 2 or Season 3, EXO‘s Maknae Line (the youngest members of the group) sent fans into fits of laughter with their antics as they played in water.

In the latest episode of EXO’s Ladder, KaiSehun, and D.O. took to the water. And if fans remember anything from last season, it’s that putting EXO in a pool is a recipe for chaos.

In season 2, the members were at the hot springs, and after a short time of relaxation, D.O. proposed having a bit of fun.

SM C&C Studio/Youtube

There’s a common “curse” in Korean variety shows where those who propose a game are often the ones who lose it, and D.O. fell victim to it during his round with Kai.

Three years later, and the boys were at it again, along with the same punishment: water slaps.

Like a repeat of history, D.O. lost, and while his burning glare was more cute than intimidating, his will held strong as he scored his revenge soon after.

In the quieter moments, the three showed off their cuteness, their actions making plenty of EXO-Ls’ cheeks hurt. I mean, there’s no way you can watch D.O. swim without melting.

Their cuteness was to the point where even their goofiness was endearing, and once again fans have to question the true ages of EXO.

Despite the chaos, the way EXO played with one another showed fans the depth of their bonds, and like any family, the dad figure didn’t hesitate to take pictures of the kids.

Is anyone else getting proud dad vibes from Suho?