Cute And Sexy: How Red Velvet’s Yeri Proves She’s The Queen Of Duality

Which version of Yeri do you love most?

Fans know all too well that Yeri is the cute and beloved maknae of Red Velvet. With her round face and big eyes, she looks like she can’t do any wrong.

With such an adorable image, it’s hard to believe that she can be anything but cute. This isn’t true, however, as Red Velvet has a dual concept of both fresh and girl crush. Yeri has proven time and again that she can be serious and sexy as well, especially in her Instagram photos from “yerimiese”.

Yes, she’s youthful and sweet…

…but she’s also untouchably gorgeous.

Yes, she has the biggest and brightest smile…

…but she also has an ice princess look that can pierce through our hearts.

In a low-cut shirt or tight clothing, she kills it!

And when she dons active wear, she’s on a totally different level from us mortals.

Cute or sexy, she can pull off both!

She’s the queen of duality!

Source: Instagram

Red Velvet

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