Here’s The Cutest Kiss Scene Between Two K-Pop Idols That You Will Ever See

We’re shipping so hard.

As a part of A-TEEN 2, the second season of a beloved online series, Golden Child‘s Bomin and APRIL‘s Naeun shared the cutest kiss scene in the history of web dramas. And a behind-the-scenes video captured how romantic the shoot was, leaving the viewers completely in love with this K-Pop idol couple!


In this episode, Bomin, who plays the role of Ryu Joo Ha, confesses his feelings for Naeun, playing the role of Kim Ha Na. While filming this cute little scene, both Bomin and Naeun looked super shy and completely flustered.


Building on this flirtatious air between the two, Bomin and Naeun also began rehearsing the actual kiss scene. When Bomin approaches Naeun, she cracks up from the awkwardness and embarrassment – and the viewers can’t stop smiling at how cute this whole situation is!


While Bomin pretended to be casual and calm about the kiss, he was actually nervous too. The camera spotted him alone, unable to cool himself for the upcoming scene. He seemed completely anxious and couldn’t stop his heart from racing so fast.


Viewers are now actively shipping Bomin and Naeun, for their crazy chemistry on the show. These two have sparks flying all over the set and viewers love how cute they look together!


Unfortunately(?), Naeun promised her fans that “everything is business” and Bomin agreed “there is nothing to worry about” the kiss.

This is the first kiss scene I’m shooting since I debuted. I hope my fans aren’t worried. There is nothing going on here, like… This is all work. Really, don’t worry!

— Naeun


Here’s the successfully filmed kiss scene that will tingle your toes.


And here’s the full version of the most UWU-worthy behind-the-scene video you’ll see: