Daegu Korea Has A Special Type Of Street Light Because People Are On Their Phones On The Streets

These street lights are helping people who are too focused on their phones!

The invention of the smartphone has revolutionized society; it has made our lives easier, and we have access to unlimited information with the tap of a finger.


The smartphone has, however, also brought us the “smombie” (smart phone + zombie).

A “smombie” is a person who is so focused on their smart phone that they don’t pay attention to their surroundings.


Because “smombies” are a danger to themselves as well as the people around them, the city of Daegu has introduced a solution in the form of special street lights called “floor lights”!


Floor lights, or “floor traffic lights,” are just like regular traffic lights, except they are installed in the ground near crosswalks.


The hope is that “smombies” will notice the lights while they are looking down at their phones. When the light is red, it is a warning to stop.


When the color changes to green, that means that it’s safe to go!


The trial run was approved by the Traffic Safety Facility Review Committee of the National Police Agency at the end of last year because people were ignoring warnings and signs banning phone use while walking.


Cities in Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium have already introduced the floor light system to prevent pedestrian traffic accidents caused by “smombies.”


Although the floor lights are temporarily suspended in Daegu, they are expected to be back up in the near future!


Hopefully it will help with the “smombie” issue!


Source: Dispatch and Joongang Ilbo
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