Daesung’s reaction to male backup dancers is too funny

BIGBANG‘s lead vocalist, Daesung, has a successful solo career under the stage name, D-LITE, and he doesn’t always take himself seriously on stage.

Daesung started his solo career in Japan and debuted in February 2013 with his first album, D’scover under YGEX. Since then, he has released one single and three albums. The success of his albums led him to take on a few concert tours through Japan.

During one of Daesung’s concerts, cameras captured a peculiar and hilarious interaction between him and his backup dancers.

The main choreography involved female backup dancers that would dance erotically around Daesung while caressing him. Shortly after, male backup dancers would quickly take their place and perform in a similar fashion. The differences in Daesung’s reaction make this part of the performance pure gold.

Daesung is caressed by female dancers during one of his performances and he looks like he likes it:

Daesung’s looks pretty unimpressed as the male dancers surround him, however. Check out the change in his facial expression!

Watch the whole thing happen below:


While Daesung’s reaction is understandable, it is still quite hilarious!