Dahyun Was Asked To Promote TWICE, But She Only Had ITZY On Her Mind

ITZY shine on their own, but she wanted them to shine even brighter.

Before Wonder Girls disbanded as a group after ten long years, TWICE received their guidance and support. Following ITZY‘s debut, TWICE are now fulfilling that same role for their juniors.

In the process, some members like Dahyun are having a little more fun than others coming up with ways to take care of them.

When talking with Interview Magazine, Dahyun couldn’t pass up the chance to put the spotlight on ITZY. She saw the perfect opening as soon as the magazine asked the group, “What’s your favorite TWICE song, or song in general?”

Nayeon, Momo, Chaeyoung, and Jeongyeon all chose to promote their group, respectively choosing “Dance The Night Away”, “TT”, “FANCY”, and “all [of our] songs.” Dahyun switched gears, reassuring everyone, “I love all the TWICE songs, but want to mention a different song for this answer.”

One of ITZY’s songs had become her favorite lately. Dahyun explained how the overall message of it had really resonated with her, “I really like ‘WANNABE’ from ITZY, because being a ‘wannabe’ means acting different[ly] than who you really are.”

There were even a few lines that she highlighted as motivational. She revealed, “The lyrics state, ‘I wanna be me. No matter if you love me or hate me. I wanna be me, one and only me.’ It’s inspiring.”

Even though ITZY are their juniors, that doesn’t mean that TWICE can’t receive some inspiration from them as well. It’s also touching to see Dahyun so willing to take that moment to acknowledge ITZY’s hard work and empowering message. Who doesn’t love to see girl groups supporting one another?

Source: Interview Magazine