What Dahyun Just Did To Nayeon Is Every Fangirl’s Worst Nightmare

Hopefully she didn’t take it too hard.

Nayeon is known to be a huge IU fangirl.

Fans noticed that during the Melon Music Awards, Nayeon couldn’t help but throw out a giant heart when IU won her “Album of the Year” Daesang award.

During the SBS Gayo Daejun, Nayeon was standing next to IU and it looked like she might finally have a chance to interact with her.

But just a short while after the conclusion of the SBS Gayo Daejun, this photo was uploaded to TWICE’s official Instagram and fans couldn’t believe it.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a Christmas gift 🎁

I started shaking when I met this honored and revered sunbaenim that I started shaking while taking this photo TT

IU Sunbae-nim, I love you 😍

Today was such a really great day. ONCE, have a wonderful Christmas~~”

– Dahyun

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Rather than taking a photo with Nayeon, IU had taken a selfie with Dahyun backstage at the show! After a bit of research, fans discovered a clip of IU giving a love call to Dahyun during the Melon Music Awards.

Host: Who was the best dressed today?

IU: TWICE’s Dahyun. I was coming over here and I noticed her and she was really pretty.

After seeing Dahyun share such a close selfie with IU, fans couldn’t help but feel sorry for Nayeon, who must have been super jealous that one of her group members was able to get so close to her idol.

Good luck, Nayeon! One day IU will turn around and recognize you as a member of Uaena!