Dahyun Got Mad at Sana, and Fans Can’t Get Enough of Dahyun’s Angry Face

Dahyun’s costume made it that much funnier.

TWICE recently held their 4th-anniversary fan meeting, ONCE HALLOWEEN 2, where each member dressed up in spectacular costumes for their fans.

Well into the fan meeting, the members started playing “The Shout in the Silence“, and what drew the most attention was the interaction between Dahyun and Sana.

Sana got frustrated that Dahyun couldn’t guess any of the given words and stomped her feet.

She got so frustrated that she even pushed Dahyun on the shoulder, and the expression on Dahyun’s face is making everyone online burst into laughter.

Dahyun failed to hide her frown as soon as she was pushed, and fans online who saw this are responding with comments such as “I almost died of laughter” and “I keep seeing Will Smith in Dahyun’s face“.

Since it was just a game, here’s hoping there were no hard feelings between Sana and Dahyun during that moment!

Source: Insight