Dahyun’s Special Ability Makes Her The Queen of Fan Service

TWICE‘s Dahyun has an unbelievable special ability to always know when a fan is filming her and look directly into their eyes!

While even some veteran idols struggle to find the camera or catch a fans eye when they’re being filmed, Dahyun seems to have zero problem with this. She’s able to immediately know where the camera is and stare directly at it!

Fans have started noticing this as they take photos or pull out their camera and Dahyun is already looking at them! It’s become a running joke that she may possibly have a third-eye, but who’s complaining? Every photo comes out perfect and fans have fallen madly in love with Dahyun’s fan-service. 

Check out some photos that have captured Dahyun and her special ability below:

Let’s play spot Dahyun!

Dahyun’s already spotted us!!

Dahyun always spots the camera first.

Where’s Dahyun? (again)

Hello from the other side!

No matter how hidden the camera might be, Dahyun can spot them all!

An adorable wink for the camera!

The look that Dahyun gives each camera is heart-fluttering!

Dahyun saw an opportunity to get the camera’s attention.

Dahyun noticed that they were being filmed and cutely posed for the camera.

No camera can get by without witnessing Dahyun’s bright smile.

Even with the camera on the ceiling, Dahyun noticed it.

Check out this clip of Dahyun showing lots of love to every camera she spots!