Dahyun Goes To Great Lengths To Support TWICE’s Songs During Their Comebacks

Here’s what she does.

Ever wondered if K-Pop idols support their own songs by downloading and streaming them? In a past radio show appearance, TWICE revealed what they personally do during comeback season as well as the member who works hardest at it!

To broach the topic, the radio’s DJ asked Mina a question that many K-Pop fans have wondered.

Mina, have you ever downloaded your own song so that it would go up in song rankings?

— DJ

Mina admitted that all of them stream their songs during a comeback: “Still, as soon as the song comes out, I think we stream a lot“.

Although all members work hard in streaming the song, there is one member in particular who works the hardest. According to Nayeon and Jeongyeon, that member is Dahyun!

Not only does Dahyun stream their song when she’s awake, she also streams it when she’s sleeping. Talk about efficient!

That’s not all, however, because leader Jihyo shared how Dahyun doesn’t stop streaming the song even after the group finishes their promotions.

During promotions or even when promotions are almost over. Even after promotions are over, she continuously listens to it.

— Jihyo

To explain her actions, Dahyun simply stated that she believes it is important to put effort in everything: “No matter what, we have to put effort in. Because of that, I always put in effort“.

When asked if she also streams when they’re in salons, Dahyun confirmed that she listens everywhere and at least once per hour: “I keep listening to it. I listen to it once per hour“.

Some people may think that just one person streaming won’t contribute to much, but Dahyun couldn’t disagree more!

Even if it’s just one person, it helps.

— Dahyun

Dahyun may have wanted ONCEs to know that every single one of them helps make TWICE who they are today.