Dalshabet makes a surprise appearance in tvN’s Goblin

Dalshabet made a recent cameo in the drama Goblin, but their cameo wasn’t exactly what you’d expect.

The cast of the immensely popular drama Goblin is full of popular faces from Gong Yoo of Train to Busan to Kim Goeun and Sungjae from the K-pop group, BTOB. However, in the latest episode of Goblin, there was a very unexpected appearance.

In the most recent episode of Goblin, a poster of the girl group, Dalshabet, was spotted in the background. Immediately the surprise cameo became a trending topic and videos were posted on social media. Even though it was a very short appearance that was simply made by the girls’ poster, many were very excited to see them appear without notice.

Check out the video of Dalshabet’s surprise appearance taken by a fan below!



This isn’t the girl’s first drama appearance, either.  The members of Dalshabet appeared in several Korean dramas in the past such as The Lover, Our Gap Soon, and Dream High. Hopefully, the members of Dalshabet will make another drama appearance soon and hopefully one that’s more than a poster.