YouTuber Daniel Howell Is A K-Pop Stan And Loves SHINee

His iconic emo hair was actually inspired by a K-Pop idol 😲

YouTuber Daniel Howell (formerly known as danisnotonfire) has not kept it a secret that he loves K-Pop. When he would be assigned to watch K-Pop music videos for YouTubers React, he would certainly not be heard complaining. In one episode, he explained that he got into the genre around 2012 (nearly a decade ago!).

In 2013, he and another user on Twitter got into conversation about what could be considered album of the year. To his followers’ surprise, he was actually well-aware of SHINee.

Just a couple years later, he revealed that he had been trying to get K-Pop, specifically SHINee to play on BBC Radio 1. He has been an active Shawol for a long time.

Perhaps the most iconic moment in Dan’s K-Pop love story is the time that he went to get a haircut. Obviously, when you go to get a new hairstyle, you need to have a good image in your mind of what you want and, well, he certainly did. In 2012, he took printed pictures of Jonghyun as reference for what he wanted his hair to look like.

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In recent years, he has been vocal about his love for BTS too. His bias is RM, by the way.

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During the time that BTS was performing at the 2017 American Music Awards, he expressed his excitement. In a video on his second channel Danisnotinteresting, he shared his opinion on K-Pop as a whole.

People criticize it for being manufactured or whatever or all being the same. But at the end of the day, you can’t deny talent. No matter what when it comes to K-Pop, you can criticize a lot of things but you can’t criticize the talent or the styling or the music videos.

— Daniel Howell

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He was so diehard in the fandom, he tried talking his best friend Phil Lester into learning choreography with him too! Literally, he’s the blueprint of a K-Pop stan.

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Do you think anyone has told him SHINee’s back? I just can’t help but wonder if he’s been streaming “Don’t Call Me.”

Source: Daniel Howell and UnitedKpop