This Dance Is Going Viral In Korea For Being The Best Weight-Loss Dance

Imagine a dance that’s so powerful that it lets you lose 10kg within the span of 2 weeks — the so called “Weight-Loss Dance” is going viral for just that!

With over 4 million views, the cardio hiphop dance routine choreographed by Josh and Bamui of youtube to Iggy Azalea’s “Mo Bounce”, seems not only good for weight loss but also a ton of fun.

The dance involves a lot of powerful and full body movements.

Danse Jin, a dance student with a popular Youtube channel, vouched for the benefits and the entertainment of the dance.

“I think this dance will be super helpful to people looking to lose weight. This dance isn’t about whether you dance well or not. It’s about whether you do it passionately.”

— Danse Jin

Josh and Bamui have since posted additional weight loss videos with over 1 million views and are still dancing away!

Watch the full video below.