Striking Dance Intros Only Dreamcatcher Can Pull Off

And no, you’re not dreaming.

The seven members of Dreamcatcher have been making a name for themselves since 2017 with their gothic aesthetics and rock-inspired sound. Originally the five-member group MINX, they disbanded in 2016 and then re-debuted with two new members under their present name. Like all idol groups, Dreamcatcher infuses their flair into their dance routines, most prominently in their dances’ intros. These feature a variety of styles, techniques, and symbolism, showcasing how Dreamcatcher is one of the queens of epic and original dance intros.


Dreamcatcher’s 2018 single begins with rising piano progressions and heavy electric guitar riffs. Contrasting that intense, foreboding sound is their smooth and fluid dance, with sweeping circular movements, much like the opening and closing of a collapsible fan. The members’ dynamic movements continue throughout the rest of the song to create quite a masterpiece.


Another unique dance intro is to the group’s song “PIRI.” This song’s beginning features flute-like sounds, adding an almost ominous vibe, and the dance mirrors that same level of urgency. It has some similar moves to those in “What,” but their execution in this song has a very different feel, making the song its own kind of masterpiece.

“Breaking Out”

“Breaking Out” marks the group’s official Japanese debut, with the single coming off of their 2019 studio album The Beginning Of The End. This song’s beginning spotlights what sounds like a marimba, while the beginning of the dance shows the members performing short, isolated, yet flowing movements. The entire performance is fitting of the group—and their spectacular Japanese debut.


Without a doubt, the beginning dance to Dreamcatcher’s second single is their eeriest yet. If the wind-up box sound in the intro wasn’t spooky enough, then their stiff, “broken-doll” dance most definitely is. It’s a performance that’s creepy in the most beautiful of ways, and one that only Dreamcatcher can pull off.

While Dreamcatcher isn’t the only idol group displaying awesome choreography intros, their dances especially have a running style uniquely all their own. What other artists that have unique choreography intros should we write about next time?