Jay Park Dancing With Na Haeun Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See This Week

Jay Park and Na Haeun have just made a dance video, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Jay Park is widely known for his incredible dancing abilities as well as South Korea’s eight-year-old kid dancer Na Haeun. Recently a clip of the two dancing to a cover of Jay Parks song “All I Wanna Do”.

The video was for a viral advertisement for the Bugs Play Music app which can be downloaded on Android and iTunes. After wrapping up filming the two were able to capture a super cute photo of the fun experience.

Na Haeun also posted the clips to her Instagram account where she exclaimed her joy to be working with Jay Park.

“This is a viral advertisement with Jay Park Oppa! He’s so handsome, kind!”

– Na Haeun


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Watch the full music video below!