Dance Crews, Soloists, And K-Pop Groups—Here’s Why It’s Hardest To Choreograph For K-Pop Groups

Dance crew LACHICA knows it firsthand.

According to Korean dance crew LACHICA, there’s a huge difference between making choreographies for dancers, solo artists, and idol groups.

Simeez (left), Gabee (top), and Rian (right) | @la.chica_official/Instagram

Recently, LACHICA‘s SimeezGabee, and Rian reacted to a dance performance video of TWICE‘s “Perfect World,” which they themselves choreographed.

Simeez revealed that it’s difficult as is to come up with an entire dance, but it’s even more challenging when they have to take into account all the members. It’s double the work than usual.

Coming up with all the keywords requires a lot of ideas. Right, even more so because there are many members.

— Simeez

Not only do they have to match the moves to the lyrics, they also have to ensure that each member looks amazing throughout the song.

Trying to fit the lyrics while still planning for everyone, making sure they all look good, is difficult.

— Simeez

Gabee further explained Simeez’s point by comparing dance crews, soloists, and idol groups.

Solo artist IU
TWICE’s Momo

Dancers like LACHICA can get away with being left on the side to make way for a formation. It isn’t necessary for each dancer to be in the spotlight the entire time.

For dancers, we can just leave them on the side to make another formation.

— Gabee

On the other hand, solo artists are by far the easiest to make choreographies for since they always stand in the center of the stage.

The choreographers don’t have to make plans for any other person.

For solos, it’s so easy since they can just stay at the center. We just need to make that one artist look good.

— Gabee

Finally, they have the hardest time with big groups like TWICE. Because there are many members who all have to shine on stage, they need to think of many ideas and formations.

For TWICE, they have many members. We have to do the formations well, so we had to come up with a lot of ideas.

— Gabee

It may be difficult to come up with choreographies for groups with many members, but the result is always breathtaking!

In case you missed it, watch TWICE’s dance performance of “Perfect World” below.

Source: YouTube