Backup Dancer Expresses His Respect Towards BTS And Their Work

BTS is truly world class.

A dance studio teacher, who runs the YouTube channel HEM Freedom, invited a special guest to his studio to talk about BTS’s performance and dance. After watching the dance practice for BTS’s “IDOL,” he gives his thoughts about the choreography.

Although this specific track is filled with Korean cultural influences in both the music and the dance, its powerful energy has touched people all over the world, making this track a global success.

The special guest was one of the backup dancers for BTS’s 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun performance for “IDOL.” He explains that he was one out of the 80-90 dancers chosen for the show. He originally thought that the dance moves were quite simple and easy to do. However, after practicing the choreography, he realized just because the moves were relatively easy, didn’t mean that it wasn’t hard.

Many of the moves were very big and needed a lot of extension of the arm and leg for it to look correct.

Because there were many dancers recruited for this performance, they taught the dancers in groups and spent about 30 minutes to about an hour learning the choreography. They practiced a few times and practiced all together during the rehearsal before the actual performance. They explained that most of the people chosen as back up dancers were all professionals and didn’t need a lot of time to understand the choreography.

They truly respected BTS and wondered how much they have practiced for this performance. Not only does BTS dance, they also sing and show emotion and energy just for this one performance.

The dance teacher also explained that he was grateful to BTS because they were the Seoul Tourism Ambassadors and they showcased his studio as part of the advertisement.

Below is a snippet of BTS’s J-Hope in the tourism commercial featuring the teacher’s dance studio.

Watch the full video performance of “IDOL” below!