Dara Shares Photos of Her 2NE1 Mementos

2NE1 may have disbanded, but it seems like Dara kept a few keepsakes for herself.

Recently, Dara flew back to the Philippines to film for Pinoy Superstar Boyband, a program she helps judge. On her latest updates, however, she shared that a performance was planned and posted photos of their stage rehearsals.

As the rehearsals progressed, Dara made a poll asking which ear monitors to use. The ear monitors she brought for the program were the ones she used as a part of 2NE1. One was orange with the tag “XXI,” while the other was a pink ear monitor with their hit track “I’m The Best.” 

She also told fans that she would be using her orange microphone during the performance. This was the same microphone she used when she was with the group. The update touched fans as the microphone was last used during 2NE1’s concert tour.

Ever since YG Entertainment announced 2NE1’s disbandment, Dara continued with her solo activities in the Philippines.  Recently, she also supported her brother Thunder on his debut solo activities.