Dashcam Videos Reveal The Terrifying Speeds Idol Managers Drive, Trying To Get Artists To Schedules

These idol vans are driving well above the speed limit.

K-Pop managers have been known to drive at dangerous speeds to keep their artists on schedule, and these dashcams prove it.


Multiple drivers have posted footage of idol vans weaving through traffic at well above the speed limit.


Sometimes, the managers will drive with their hazards on…


…but other times, they do not signal at all before changing lanes.


This reckless behaviour puts the managers, their artists, and everyone else on the road, in danger for the sake of arriving on time.

Vans like the Chevrolet Explorer are a popular choice for transporting K-Pop groups.


Lee Soon-gul, a professor at Kyung Hee University, is currently in charge of developing a self-driving car called KHUV, in the hopes of reducing Korea’s high number of traffic accidents.

Kyunghee University’s self-driving car, KHUV. Credit: Kyunghee University


According to Lee Soon-gul, Korea has 30 percent more traffic accidents compared to other OECD nations and spends over 20 trillion won ($18.5 billion) in annual accident-related costs.

Photo by JimTheGiantEagle


Many car accidents can be avoided simply by following traffic laws and obeying the posted speed limits. Managers who choose to do otherwise risk catastrophic consequences.


In 2014, two Ladies Code members, RiSe and EunB, passed away in a fatal crash caused by their manager’s reckless driving.

The group’s manager was driving their van at 137 km/h (85 mph) in a 100 km/h (62 mph) zone. The combination of speed and rainy conditions caused him to lose control of the vehicle. The van hydroplaned and skidded several times before crashing into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Singal Junction on Yeongdong Expressway.


While fans understand the time constraints K-Pop groups have, they also hope that managers will always put safety above punctuality.

Source: Korea Times, Instiz and TV Daily